What do we do?

  • Market Focus provides strategic frameworks, tools and experience.
  • We provide market and customer insights from qualitative research.
  • We coach and facilitate senior teams to help them develop their own insights, strategies and plans.
  • The deliverable is the creation of more value and profit for the client’s organisation.

What makes us different?

  • We provide know-how and experience to help teams build winning plans and articulate them simply.
  • We support these teams with strategic analysis and help them to make decisions themselves.
  • This means there is a high degree of ownership and commitment to delivery from the teams.
  • We challenge their thinking and conclusions.
  • We build strategy and industrial marketing capability within the client’s teams.

Who brings us in?

  • CEOs.
  • Strategic Planning Directors.
  • Marketing Directors.
  • Function Directors.

Why choose Market Focus?

They need to adapt the business to changes in their:

  • markets;
  • customers;
  • technologies;
  • competition;
  • people (reorganisations, new senior managers);
  • ownership.

They want:

  • time to lead and think;
  • someone they trust to provide process, coaching and objectivity;
  • plans that are implemented, not put on a shelf;
  • practical support, sustainable structure and processes;
  • to develop the abilities of their teams;
  • to achieve lasting results.
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